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What is Clarified?

The History of Clarified Butter reaches back hundreds of years to the Middle East. Because Clarified Butter is durable and can withstand harsh conditions, it was widely used in Middle Eastern meals.

More recently Anhydrous butterfat or Clarified Butter was developed in the Quartermaster Food and Container Institute for the Armed Forces. It was designed specifically for use in the manufacture of dairy products with special emphasis on storage life for the Armed Forces overseas. Mixed with non-fat dry milk powder and other ingredients, it supplied the butterfat source in whole milk, ice cream, cottage cheese, and other specialty dairy products.

The process to clarify butter can be accomplished by heating stick butter and removing the moisture and milk solids. This process is labor intensive and can result in burned butter. Odell's uses a process that removes 99.95% of all moisture and all the milk solids. This leaves a pure butter concentrate called Clarified Butter. A by-product of fresh raw milk, this unique product requires sophisticated and costly equipment to manufacture Odell's high quality finished product.

ODELL'S has been selling clarified butter to the concession and gourmet restaurant industries for over 45 years.

ODELL'S Clarified Butter has an extended shelf life of 12 months when stored at temperatures of 40F to 65F. This is due to the moisture and curd extraction leaving 99.95% milk fat and 0.05% moisture content. ODELL'S Clarified Butter is 100% natural and kosher and contains no salt. Anhydrous butterfat is excellent for all uses of butter and gives a 25% greater yield than regular creamery butter.

Using ODELL'S Clarified Butter allows you to reduce the regular butter ingredient in all recipes by up to one-third.
Drawn Butter
Add salt and lemon for the best drawn butter you will ever taste. Always ready to use. Great for tableside preparation.
Sautéing & Frying
Imparts a rich butter flavor to all fried foods including eggs, potatoes, steaks, chops, poultry, seafood and all vegetables. Will not separate, scorch or burn.
Soups & Sauces
Makes rich and creamy soups and sauces, especially Hollandaise and Béarnaise sauces.
Pastries, pies, cakes and other delicacies where butter is a basic ingredient. Blending qualities are superior. The flavor is superb. Shelf life is extended on all finished products.
Blending quality is smooth and even. The bloom is curtailed because of the clarified butter's low moisture content. Extends shelf life unbelievably! Ideal for toffees, caramels, brittles and candied corn because of it's high "flash point." Will not burn or dissipate in the process.
Indoors or out, ODELL'S Clarified Butter adds a rich flavor to any grilled meat. Just baste and grill.
Because the moisture is removed from ODELL'S Clarified Butter it will not make your popcorn "soggy" like regular butter. And what's better than REAL-buttered popcorn, it's the best you'll ever taste.

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